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Grower Spotlight: Colligere Farm Management — Bringing the Best to the Table

Nestled in the heart of California's sun-drenched wine country, where the grapes are as bold as the visionaries who grow them, Colligere Farm Management leads the way in innovation, sustainability, and tradition. This family-run business serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when old and new practices are seamlessly blended.

Meet Brandon Anderson, a proud member of the Colligere family. Wine flows through his veins, with a grandfather who achieved wonders at Gallo and a father who established Colligere after interning at E&J Gallo. "Farming and vineyard management are like a fine wine — a harmonious mix of skill, diligence, and a love for the land, handed down from one generation to the next," he says.

"My grandpa was a row crop pro. My dad introduced tech into the mix. And now, I'm putting my own stamp on things."

Integrating Tech and Tradition

Brandon is constantly finding new solutions that maintain the heart of the operation while making day-to-day activities easier. He takes a slow and steady approach, testing things on a small scale before fully implementing them. And one tool that's a game-changer is IntelliCulture's farm management solution. It streamlines operations, optimizes performance, and even recognizes top-performing employees.

One of Brandon's favourite features is ShopView, a real-time tractor monitoring system that provides the vision of a hawk. "We can catch potential problems before they turn into disasters and fix them fast," he explains. “Thanks to IntelliCulture's eagle-eyed insights, we can anticipate and pinpoint maintenance needs for our tractors well in advance, which helps us be proactive and save time and money.”

But IntelliCulture doesn't just boost productivity and efficiency. It also motivates team members to perform at their best. With data to support it, managing employees is a breeze - as is rewarding them with incentives like gift cards or a well-deserved shoutout. "We're becoming like a well-oiled machine," Brandon notes. "Employees are more confident, their speed and precision are increasing, and there's even a hint of friendly competition in the air, which makes work fun."

Green is the New Red: A Commitment to Sustainability

Colligere Farm Management is seriously committed to making the wine industry more eco-friendly. They participate in the Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing certification program, which provides growers and wineries in the Lodi region with over 100 standards and practices that are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and economically feasible. From soil health to energy efficiency, the Lodi Rules program ensures that Lodi's wine industry is sustainable and environmentally responsible for future generations.

"We rely on IntelliCulture for data-backed insights that help us make small changes that add up, like conserving water or finding more eco-friendly routes. It's the little things that make a big difference," notes Brandon.

Colligere Farm Management's unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability shines through in every aspect of their business. With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, they continue to raise the bar for the wine industry and inspire us all to think bigger, bolder, and greener. Cheers to Colligere, a family-run business that proves that great wine and a brighter future go hand in hand.

Inspired by Brandon’s Story?

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