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Meet IntelliCulture: A New Kind of Farm Management Software

As the world population is growing, farmers are facing an unfair position of needing to produce more, at cheaper prices, all while being forced to accept rising operational costs. With that has come a boom in agricultural technology, each with their own unique values and additions to the farm. Although this innovation brings a large potential, there is also a risk to every new addition to the farm.

We get it, another software poised to bring efficiency to your farm may be the last thing on your mind right now. Just the thought of more things to break or go wrong can be enough to dismiss the potential upside. But bear with us - these frustrations are exactly why we have designed our software to be operational in minutes, and to integrate with the existing technology and machinery on your farm.

So what does that mean?

Efficiency at our core:

The IntelliCulture software is designed for all growers and the tasks they set out to accomplish. We understand that there is always a concern about the safety of your operators or the upkeep of your machines. That’s why the IntelliCulture team takes the time to understand how you manage your farm and help configure a system that maximizes your investment. Our intimate onboarding process is not just a meet and greet, but instead a true relationship that we develop that ensures that all of your needs are heard and addressed.

Wherever your work takes you:

Ever been caught out in the field and got a call from an operator that they hit an issue while out spraying miles away? If not, consider yourself lucky because the stress that comes with such a call can shift your whole plan for the day. That is why our cloud-based app makes it seamless to keep your operations running smoothly. With offline functionality, our app can help root cause the exact cause of the breakdown or issue. This in turn drives up efficiency because you can now understand the problem, and dispatch work from the middle of a field, keeping your farm at your fingertips.

That brings us to the next topic - peace of mind.

Keeping a pulse on your farm:

It’s an understatement to say that it is challenging to keep an up-to-date knowledge of what is going on in real-time on your fields. If the team has missed spraying a row or an operator is dangerously misusing a machine, within minutes, something can go dreadfully wrong. That’s why our alerts are crucial to have as soon as the incident arises. Having that peace of mind, knowing that both the operator is safe and the work was done well not only saves you time, but also improves operations as a whole. In addition, through the data insights collected, our reports concisely summarize opportunities for efficiency improvements, helping maintain a position of confidence while navigating the future of your farming legacy.

Now to address what it’s like working with us…

Providing the highest quality of service:

We treat each of our growers like family (and don’t worry, it’s the kind of family you like). Each farm has their own goals and needs, and we understand that some cookie-cutter software may fail to bring value to the operation. So instead, we ensure that those goals are co-developed in each stage of the onboarding process and are always front of mind.

Adding this to the fact that each grower is assigned a dedicated farm success representative ensures that we have the start of a great relationship. We always take time to prioritize and optimize our lines of communication with you, our growers, to guarantee you the most seamless experience possible.

We are built on the foundation of creating value to those who give so much to so many without expecting anything in return. Farmers are at the core of our society, the never-ending demand to produce more with less resources makes it difficult to feed a substantially growing population. That’s why we have created our software, to lighten some of the load that you face on a daily basis.

If you would like to learn more, be sure to book a free consultation, or check out our monthly newsletter to receive exclusive insight to our developments, updates and much more.

To wrap up, we would just like to take a moment to share our appreciation of all the hard working growers out there. It isn’t said enough, but thank you, for all that you do for our nation.

Until next time folks,



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